Friday, September 25, 2009

Rocket...I'm Flying on a Rocket

I feel like I haven't talked to Rey is forever, but it has probably only been a day or so.  I sort of lose track of days and time and such.  I am getting sick, and it is killing my need to stop sleeping and end the depression.  I basically want to sleep and do nothing all day long.  It is a miracle I get up for me.
A rocket was fired at the base a few days ago.  Rey said it malfunctioned right before crossing the wall or something, and ended up blowing up the ground just outside the base.  I am sure that if it had hit, it would have been devastating.  I am also sure that there are angels protecting my husband with everyone's prayers and faith and love.  I try not to think about the imminent danger he potentially faces every day.  I also try not to think about the military forces who have it much worse than he does in the middle east.  I really miss him.
Last night I went to my first honky tonk in decades it seems.  It was huge, and smoky, and twangy.  I don't think that I am a boot-scootin feind like I used to be.  I had a good time laughing tho.
I had a job interview, and they said they were going to call me today to set up a second interview...jerks.  Seriously, don't make empty promises.  If I wasn't a good candidate (which is EXTREMELY hard to believe), thank me for my time and get on with it.  Don't instill false hope. 
I have 2 rather large tests Monday and Tuesday.  Oh joy.  I know I will do well on one of them, but the other is with that d-bag government teacher I aforementioned.  Who knows how that will go.  I am tempted to write about rainbows and love...the hippie.
There was an attempted terrorist attack in Dallas.  A man drove a vehicle he believed to be armed with explosives into the underground parking garage, and called a number from his cell-phone that he believed would set off the bombs.  I am so so thankful it was unsuccessful.  Because I am SO not in the mood for getting in trouble for beating some serious trash.  I have sacrificed a lot for my freedom, thank you very much, and I am now resorting to physical means to jack with anyone who tries to take it from me.

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