Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am married to a BRILLIANT man

Rey texted me on Sunday morning, informing me that he was being put up on a meritorious promotion board on Monday.  This means that someone higher up noticed that he has initiative, skills, and is basically awesome at being a Marine.  We have been praying for a better situation, better recognition for Rey because of hard work...we have been praying for a lot.
Rey blew them away.  The board didn't know what hit them.  Rey is BRILLIANT at what he does, and the best part is he isn't cocky about it.  He totally wiped the board clean, and won the sergeant board.  The one set back is that there aren't any sergeant openings in his MOS yet, but once one opens, he is getting it.  The board is even going to try to get one opened just for him, because he is that awesome.  The best part about it is he beat out a guy who constantly harps on the way Rey looks, how he can't do as many pull-ups as him, and how he is basically better than Rey.  But you know what?!  Rey won!!!  SUCKER!  (P.S.  Thank you to all those who prayed for Rey.  We know that your prayers and faith helped him on this board)
News at home in the (not-so) great state of Texas, I had a history test on Monday that I feel I did really well on, but I will find out tomorrow hopefully if that feeling is true.  I also had a government test in my douchebag class, and I also feel that I did well.  I feel I did better than my last one, at least.  Again, we'll see.  I am still looking for a job, still attending school, and still haven't put the dishes or the laundry away...

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The Keeleys said...

That's so awesome that Rey is getting promoted. He is a great guy and you are an amazing woman. You should be proud of yourself too. People say that woman bring the best of their spouse and I think it's very true. For the little time we hung out, I've always thought that you guys are the perfect match. You guys bring out the best for each other.