Saturday, September 19, 2009

Iraq Update

Before Rey left, we decided to play dress up. It was a fun, cheap (well, in reality, it has cost us a lot of heartache, suffering, and separation...) and silly way for us to spend a little time together. This is one of the reasons why I love my husband so so much. He completes me. As you can tell in our "bonnie and clyde" photo.

Rey has been gone for just over a week now. It BLOWS. He went to Maine, Spain, and Italy, and then on to Iraq. The guys on trail crew all got totally wasted each stop, and Rey got some pretty funny pictures and videos which I'll post soon. He is working the midnight to noon shift, which really means 11 to 2...and sleeping the rest of the time. I'm sure when his body figures out the time schedule, he'll be able to play a little out there. Rey said all the jets are having problems right now, so he is very busy at work.

Yesterday, an unidentified convoy attempted to approach the base. At 6 miles out, they were greeted with good old marine f-18 force, and escorted away from the area. There was another incident of less consequence that Rey told me about but I can't remember it. It goes to show you that there really aren't any "safe zones" in a war zone. Even on an airstrip.

The chow hall food is delicious, according to my delirious, overly tired, and probably starving husband. But, the cooks are air force, so it actually may be edible. His barracks room, AKA can, is smaller than our second bedroom closet. Seriously. And he shares it with a roommate. LAME. It is hot and gross there, and very sandy.

I have still been looking for a job. I learned how to lay hardwood floor today. I'll be adding that to my resume, I'm sure. I made an AWESOME teapot in class, and am planning on making a series of that shape and form because it is just that cool (pictures to come).

It was Rey's birthday today. It sucked that we didn't get to spend it together.

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Aubree Legler said...

i love you sydny! know that we're praying for you guys! sorry it's so awful right now.