Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's hot. Let me clarify...it's HUMID.
We left on a misting (literally) Saturday afternoon, after loading the u-haul all morning. We put the kittens in the cab, got a snack, said a prayer, and took off. We stopped in Phoenix the first night. We had spent 3 hours that day listening to Bone Crusher (the boy kitten) cry incessantly because he was uncomfortable. Lucky guy, being able to vocalize what I was feeling. We snuck the kittens into the room, because a $200 refundable deposit is retarded. The shower was deceptively HUGE, and it was nice to clean up after a sweaty, furniture-moving day. Rey's friend Karey was there with his fiance, and we shared a (crappy) continental breakfast the next morning before setting out.
We drove for decades and stopped in Pecos, Tx. NEVER stop in Pecos, Tx, unless you feel like being dinner to a billion mosquistos. No freakin joke. I was outside the car for less than 5 minutes and had like 30 bites. They bit my ankles...I had pants on! How is that even possible?! We yet again snuck the cats up to the room, cuz this time they just weren't allowed (but we aren't called rebels for nothing), and walked into an oven.
The room was hot and humid and disgusting. The shower didn't help cool us off, and Rey kicked off the top blanket because it was gross anyway. Halfway through the night, I had to put my snow gear on because i was freezing. Nothing new. We woke up achy, and took off, the relaxed kittens in tow. They had learned to sleep the whole way by now, and play all night...not the best trade off, but oh well. We hit a Mickey-D's and got some nasty breakfast sandwiches, in the audience of some serious hicks, and yet again blessed the open road with our presence. We passed the smokestack and the castle, and landed in another universe.
Fort Worth was humid and sticky the day we arrived, and really windy. We got the keys, cut a check, and put the kittens in the laundry room. If we weren't exhausted enough from the drive, we tested that exhaustion with unloading what we could. Up 4 flights of stairs. Maybe next time it will be worth the extra hundred-a-month for the bottom floor...
Our nearest neighbors are cows. They are beautiful bovines, with a couple of calves. I can't complain; they keep their partying to a minimum.
The Schrodel's moved in the next Wednesday. Our little dysfunctional family. We spend way too much time together, yet hardly know anything about one another.
Rey goes back to Miramar in July, most likely.
Our room is a disaster. It is still boxed and packed, and I'm fine with that. I'm done unpacking for now.

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The Keeleys said...

I thought 3 flights of stairs were bad enough... I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. Do you have an elevator? good luck going up the stairs! I'm glad you guys made it safe to Texas. Looking forward to reading your blog!