Sunday, September 9, 2007

brawlin at the GS

two of my favorite things...brawling and ice cream.
"Do NOT talk on your cell phones please, while ordering" is the sign that presents itself to customers as you walk in. i was on the phone getting what the men wanted, and aunt sarah was placing the order.
the old fart tapped me on the shoulder, "excuse me, miss. Can you read? it says no cell phones. You need to hang up."
i was so taken aback that someone would be rude enough to tell me what to do when i dont even know them, all i could muster was, "I'm with her. She is ordering."
"I dont care. you are being rude. Hang up the phone. Can't you read?"
"What, sir?!" oh man, aunt sarah heard. "She is not doing anything wrong. the sign says, 'while ordering'. mind your own business."
and then it was a fly-off-the-handle blur of words and arms, and fury and anger. he would not back down on his stance, the senile old man, and my aunt was right. simple as that.
he swung, and missed, and i gut-checked him for aiming for my aunt. i got a shiner, and he got a broken lip, and blood in his pee for the next week or so.
we left the Spoon, ice creamless, and a little bruised, but right. and with an apology from the old fart. damage done. oh well

(no old men or cute women were harmed in the making of this tale...we didnt really fight, we got our ice cream, and he is still a jerk-hole. but the fight was pretty sweet, right?)


Anonymous said...

K so you had me thinking the whole time that you beat up a poor old man. Hahahaha really good story and totally believable. I hope you at least gave him a piece of your mind. What a jerk!!

Anonymous said...
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